Guest Mix: G.S. Schray


We're back with special guest G.S. Schray who brings us a great mix of sweet songs and chill tunes to set your week right.

Gabriel (his first name) is an artist and musician based in Akron, Ohio. The location seems to figure significantly in respect to his work, a kind of hint perhaps to the American Midwest and the landscapes it conjures in one's mind outside of those city centers — all trees and evergreens, rolling hills, lush plains, the Great Lakes.

Over the last few years, G.S. Schray has steadily released a series of albums via Last Resort, a label born of the NTS show, most recently with 'The Changing Account' in March. This follows two equally excellent records that, together, form a kind of stylistic trilogy in my mind; the interplay of spacey yet organic instruments, each creating a jazzy new age indie folk odyssey. Of course, trying to attach such genre labels doesn't really work especially when Schray's work feels so distinctly his own in its style and palette of sounds.

The mix taps into his vision of beautiful, often bucolic music with a number of edits, dubs, original tracks and even one exclusive. A great late afternoon kind of listening experience, maybe even end of the day or the summer golden hour, somewhere between rest and revelry.

Read more about Gabriel in his recent conversation with Loud And Quiet and check out the tracklist below. Thanks for listening.


Swing Out Sister – Twilight World (G.S. Dusk Mix)

Very Secretary – Nagarkot

Jonnine – I Don't Seem Myself Tonight

Bark Psychosis – Pendulum Man

Yes – Awaken (Detail)

Chrome – Nova Feedback

Fej – Gemini

Curtis Mayfield – Give Me Your Dub (G.S. Dub Mix)

G.S. Schray – Still, Puzzled

Grace Jones – Crying Dub

G.S. Schray – Lifespan Antics

Loren Connors – Airs 13