John Shepherd: Space Cruise 1


The subject of a stunning new documentary short on Netflix called 'John Was Trying to Contact Aliens', John Shepherd has become increasingly well-known for his decades-long effort to beam radio broadcasts into space, well beyond our own moon, in the hopes it may grace the ears of a discerning alien being.

No luck yet, so far as we know, but his story certainly has become a beacon of positivity and love for many who've come to learn of his wonderful, insightful outlook on work and life. AM contributor Jesse Locke (@wipeoutbeat) recently caught up with John for Xtra magazine and facilitated one of his many broadcasts to be shared, this one from August 14, 1996.

The hour-long show features John's charming, soft-spoken introductions highlighting numerous tracks from his cosmic collection; all wonderfully bright selections with one extended foray into true kosmische ambience, right in the middle. Buckle up and take the 'Space Cruise' with John Shepherd.


Channel Light Vessel – Train Traveling North

Channel Light Vessel – Slow Afternoon

Channel Light Vessel – Duende

Bruce Becvar – Tapaloka

Bruce Becvar – Beyond The Lakes

Lightwave – Uraniborg

Carl Weingarten – Falline / All Things Return

Michael Hedges – Spare Change