The Joy: Black Canadian Artists for Juneteenth


In honour of Juneteenth and Bandcamp donating their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, we put together this mix of incredible artists from the Black Canadian community — an extended set of favourite tracks, recent releases, and new discoveries.

Across provinces and genres, it's more than a hour and a half of mind-bending work, from the turntable magic of Toronto's own SlowPitchSound, to the many sides of Montréal's music scene with artists like Ouri and Yves Jarvis; innovative beatmakers like OBUXUM and Engone Endong; the soulful songs of Cedric Noel and Tonye Aganaba — plus marvelous work from trans artists light-years ahead of their time: Jackie Shane and Beverly Glenn-Copeland.

Named after Prince Josh's stunning ode to club culture ("The Joy"), with its sense of inclusivity and liberation — a kind of beacon of hope and happiness amidst hardships — the music here is a wild night out; rapturous, esoteric, moving and so much more. Leave your expectations at the door.

Last but not least, if you like what you hear, please support the artists. All Bandcamp pages have been linked above and below via the Buy Music Club, so listen through, browse around and buy what you like.

With love and respect, thank you.


SlowPitchSound – WNDRLNDED

LA Timpa – Around

Harrison – Midnight Snack (feat. iaamSaam)

Yves Jarvis – Into the Forefront

Ouri – Escape

NOMVDSLVND – Flowers While You’re Here

James Baley – Paper Planes

Tonye Aganaba – CC

Jayda G – Both Of Us

JayWood – 482 Shoeglazed FM

Special Solace – It’s New

Deluge in Colour – Pi Castor

R. Flex – Babylonia (Aknowlij Remix)

Prince Josh – The Joy

SlowPitchSound – WNDRLNDED

Pursuit Grooves – Parachute

Engone Endong – Eyene Nzame

Cedric Noel – Three

Jackie Shane – Any Other Way

Engone Endong – Éyaña ôwôn

SlowPitchSound – WNDRLNDED

Yves Jarvis – Sugar Coated

Chivengi – Mitsubishi (Ouri Harp Version)

Cold Specks – Wild Card

Harrison – Better (feat. Daniela Andrade)

SlowPitchSound – Hypnagogia 2wenTeE19


Markus Floats – Forward Always

Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Sunset Village