The Neighbourhood


This week, artist / illustrator Sean Lewis takes us back to another summer, one of leisurely travel and happy days.

Not beholden to one particular place, time or even language, the sounds here are decidely human, often folky, filled with good spirit; drifting between small, special moments and wide open spaces.

Like a wholesome family road trip down the West coast or sitting in a grassy green field in some sunny corner of the world — wherever you are, this mix invites you to take a stroll through a neighbourhood not so very far from you, dear listener. See what you find. We hope you enjoy.

Featuring excerpts from Scott Carrier's 'Home of the Brave' podcast.


Roger Neill – Everything on Television

Scott Carrier – The Neighbourhood

Kim Jung Mi – Haenim

Y La Bamba – Ojos Del Sol / Say Sun

Relatively Clean Rivers – Easy Ride

Scott Carrier – Rapids

Luiz Bonfá – Pernambuco

Amanaz – Sunday Morning

Laurindo Almeida – My Reverie

Scott Carrier – Airplane Bugs

Air – Radian

R Beny – Fernwood

Kaoru Inoue – Sunset Salute

Kikagaku Moyo – Old Snow, White Sun

Ojard – Plage del la Concurrence

Scott Carrier – A Hell of a Mess

Kim Jung Mi – Unknowingly

Relatively Clean Rivers – Hello Sunshine

Roger Neill – Santa Barbare

Andreas Söderström and Rickard Jäverling – Adria 450